Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Doing stuff to Bill Walton

Last week me and some co-workers saw Bill Walton at a chinese restaurant. He's an ex-NBA player, so he's super tall. Here's a picture of him with a hippie. He's the one on the left who's stupid crazy tall.

Since he's so tall, we thought it would be funny to do stuff to him. Here are some ideas:

- Gather a crowd to start chanting "break his legs!" Then get an MMA fighter to kick his legs until they are broken.

- Make him try on a pair of slacks in every pants store in the city. Have him complain that the pleats are unflattering.

- Make him stand in the shallow end of pools with floaties on his arms. Wacky!

- Make him compete in a three legged race with the midget from the movie "Willow."

- Cover his legs in leeches. Can you imagine how many leeches it would take to cover his extremely long legs? Probably like a million.

- Make him even taller by putting him on stilts. Then break his legs again.

- Take him to a playground and put him on the monkey bars. He won't be able to go across because of his stupid legs!

- Make him wear a silly hat. Silly hats are always funny.

- Make him ride on a tandem bike with the midget from the movie "Willow."

- Take him to the pool and make him be the top person in a chicken fight. Zany!

- Have him throw female gymnasts. He can throw them wherever.

- Push him out onto a frozen pond and let him fall through the ice.

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