Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lesser known Reindeer #4 - Karl Lagerdeer

By far the most fashionable of all the reindeer.  This year, the Karl Lagerdeer will be unveiling a new line of couture pelts.

Lesser known Reindeer #3 - Make it Raindeer

Make it Raindeer can fly, but he is more interested in fly bitches.

Lesser known Reindeer #2: Chickendeer

The most delicious of all the reindeer.  He has the opposite problem of Sharkdeer, especially with fattie at the wheel...

Lesser known Reindeer #1: Sharkdeer

They never let poor Sharkdeer join in any reindeer games.  If they do at least one reindeer always ends up dead.

Dangerous Animal #3 - Sudocougar

Sudocougar's sudoku skillz will embarass you so hard that you DIE. And if that doesn't work he'll kill you with a variety of Swiss Army knife tools that are also convenient for camping.

Dangerous Animal #2 - Baby rattle (snake)

So adorable that victims rarely notice it unhingeing it's jaw. Can swallow a full-grown human within seconds.

Dangerous Animal #1 - Dinner party raptor

First he'll charm your guests with his newly-learned human mannerisms, then he'll poison them with a casserole he's intentionally left unrefrigerated.

Lagerfeld and family

Lagerfeld sports a stunning physique

Ladies love Lagerfeld and Lagerfeld loves logging

Karl Lagerfeld is carrying your child

Lagerfeld leads the pack