Monday, May 21, 2012

Salad pun lunch

Today me and some co-workers had lunch at this place called Leaf. The salad was ok, but the salad puns we came up with in line were exquisite.

This stock photo is entitled "Handsome young man eating a salad."

Here are the 10 best ones:
1. This line is unbeLEAFable.

2. They really need to hurry up, we can't ROMAINE here much longer.

3. Oh good, some vegeTABLES have opened up so we can sit down.

4.  I hope I don't VINAGRETTE my decision to eat here.

5. That was a really bad pun! CEASAR! (seize her)

6. Hey, do you think those people would LETTUCE cut in line?

7.  Man, it'll be a reLEAF when we finally order.

8. Ughhh this is taking so long I can feel myself cabbAGING.

9.  My brother hasn't woken up yet. He is in a coma...vegetable.

10. When we're done we're going to have to SPINACH back to the office.

Eventually, the staff and other patrons got so FED UP with our puns that we were TOSSED out.

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