Friday, October 19, 2012

Welcome to our Bed and Breakfast

Welcome to our Bed and Breakfast

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, hunting for antique treasures, seeking casual, forgettable sex, or simply looking for a secluded place to die, Hal and Judy’s “Angel Escape” Bed and Breakfast provides the peaceful and isolated atmosphere you’re looking for.

Originally built as a barn, “Angel Escape” was converted into a slaughterhouse, then a hat factory, only to revert back to a slaughter barn before being renovated last year into an original 19th century Victorian home. All of our six livable rooms overlook a vast backyard where groves of hundred year old oak trees and the occasional wandering schizophrenic whisper of the rich history that this grand old home has seen. We often wonder “if these walls could talk,” so as a precaution we’ve had them muzzled.

Inside, you’ll find our virtually bed-bug free accommodations have been appointed with your comfort and pleasure in mind, featuring pillow-topped toilet seats, antique bed linens, numerous felines and private bathrooms monitored by the most state-of-the-art surveillance technology.

Awake each morning to the aroma of freshly ground coffee as Judy prepares a gourmet breakfast wearing your choice of flimsy nightgown or latex body sleeve. Enjoy your meal nude by candlelight in our formal dining hall or choose a bright start to the day in our cheerful crawl space/sex dungeon.

Walk outside and get some exercise on our bicycle and running path (formerly and currently the train track), or wander leisurely along the meandering stream that borders our property. And don’t hesitate to take advantage of the convenient drowning ponds should any of your room’s complimentary cats become bothersome.

But our grounds aren’t all that “Angel Escape” has to offer. After just a few hours downtown you’ll understand why we’re consistently cited in travel books as “mediocre at best,” ”pretty unnerving” and “not anywhere I’d go on purpose.” Take a stroll down the bone-cobbled sidewalks and you’ll be greeted with no shortage of friendly smiles and limp handshakes. Step inside one of the many walnut bowl outlets that line the streets and pick up a cutting board or well, a walnut bowl, just like they made in the Old Country.

And don’t forget to set aside some time to tour our many popular historic attractions like the abandoned mine shaft or exploding table saw factory, where our founding citizens earned both their livelihood and violent, untimely deaths.  Be sure to visit the gift shop where you’ll find authentic fingers, legs, and other unidentifiable appendages which make the most unique souvenirs and delicious soup bases for that special someone back home.

After a long day, take a load off in one of our many watering holes where you’ll meet charming townsfolk and a dizzying array of sexually agnostic, Paraguayan prostitutes who will smile at you as if to say “you like what you see, large man?” Order a round of our local turpentine-based spirits and you'll more than likely find yourself hallucinating in the company of skilled hot air balloonists, toasting to the relaxed local quail hunting laws. But the night’s not over yet. Stop by one of our all-night gambling arenas and place a bet on your favorite dismembered ex-factory or mine worker who will fight to the death for your amusement.

Feel free to stay out and enjoy all the nightlife has to offer, but don’t be surprised when you find yourself waking up next to a stranger, specifically our 40-year-old son Timothy, who frequently climbs into other people’s beds late at night. While he tends to stare with his remaining good eye, and has been known to bite with his remaining tooth, he’s otherwise harmless. And don’t worry, no extra charge if he wets the bed.

Reservations for “Angel Escape” can be made online. Please make all payments in unmarked, pre-laundered American or Paraguayan currency.

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